Blackboard Learn Login | Guide For Students

Blackboard Learn Login | Guide For Students

Blackboard Learn is a learning management system (LMS) system that allows teachers to provide learning materials to students at one location, discuss with students and show grades online to students.

Blackboard has a lot of features, it can allow teachers to help teach students remotely or in hybrid settings. A teacher is able to set assignments and then upload documents that explain what is required for completion, and also provide extra information and a place for students to actually work.

How to Use Blackboard For Students

As a student, you can login to the Blackboard with your student account login details. You can find the blackboard learning tab on your school website. Once you are logged in you can take or host online courses. Students and teachers can share assignments and communicate using video conferencing, discussion groups, tests, etc.

Blackboard Student Login

To login to the  Blackboard LMS, you have to use either a browser or the mobile app. The app is available on the Play Store for Android and on App Store for iOS devices.

Using a web browser:

1. Go to your school website at

2. Select Blackboard Learn from the categories.

3. Click on the “Login” tab

4. Enter your username and password. Your username is your school ID number. Your password is the password that you created during registration.

You can also access Blackboard by using the mobile app. Once you log in to Blackboard you will be taken to your school Page. From there you can view your course list, and communicate directly with your teacher and your fellow students.

If forgot your password, click on the Forgot password link and enter your email address to reset and create a new password.

Blackboard Learn Forgot Password

If you created your own Blackboard account, you can reset your password through a link in the password request email but if your login credentials were provided to you by your school, you may not be able to reset your Blackboard password on your own.

Also, if you sign into Blackboard  Learn using your school’s authentication system, you may need to reset your password using your school’s website. If you ask for a password reset and the email does not have a password reset link, it will include your Blackboard email address and the school that provided you with your password.

To change or verify your password, contact the system administrators at your school.

If your login screen does not show the password reset link, contact your school IT support for help.

To reset Blackboard forgotten password:

1. Open your Blackboard login page. Click the Forgot Password? link.

2. Provide login information linked with your Blackboard account and click the Send password reset link.

3. Return to your email account and sign in.

4. Open the Forgot Password email. (If the email is not in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.)

5. Click on Send reset link to set a new password link.

6. Type in a new password and then confirm that password by typing it again. Click the Save Password tab.

Using your login credential and the new password, you can now log in to Blackboard.

How to Log Into Blackboard For the First Time

Depending on your Blackboard Learn setting, you can sign in to your account as a new user in the following way:

To sign in for the first time:

1. Go to and click the login button on the home page.

2. Enter the email address for your Blackboard account and click Next.

3. Enter your password and click Next.

4. If there is a welcome message, review it and click Accept.

5. If you’re using Blackboard for students’ accounts, click “I’m A Student”.

6. Click Get Started.

Blackboard app

You can use Blackboard in your school to streamline assignments, boost collaboration, and facilitate communication. Blackboard is also available for mobile phones. The Blackboard Learn app helps students and teachers to collaborate and go paperless using the internet connection.

The primary purpose of the Blackboard app is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students on the go.

How to Use Blackboard App

The Blackboard Student app helps students and instructors access their courses while they are away from a computer browser. The app comes in handy for checking messages, announcements, and grades.

How to Install the Blackboard App

1. On your mobile device, open the App Store.

2. Search for Blackboard Student.

3. Select Blackboard Student, and download and install it.

Blackboard App login

The first time you sign in, you will need to identify your school and log in with your user ID and password:

1. Open the Blackboard app.

2. Tap search for your School or District.

3. Enter the name of your school. When the full name appears in the search list, tap the name.

4. Type your school user ID and password, and tap Login.

5. On the verification page, tap login.

5. Your Blackboard dashboard will open.

How to Find Lessons on Blackboard

Use the search bar or the filter at the top of the page to narrow your view. Use the search function to find courses on the current page. Move between past, current, and upcoming courses. If you have a lot of courses, you can also choose how many.

How to See a Timetable on Blackboard

Blackboard students can view their timetable using their various school Blackboard Learn sites. The timetable is a new feature of the Blackboard that allows students to keep up to date on their school activities. Students will now be able to see their timetable directly on their Blackboard portal.

How to Email an Attachment on Blackboard Learn

To send your teacher an attachment through email on the Blackboard:

1. Sign in to Blackboard using your student ID and password you created during registration.

2. Click on the “Welcome Page” button that appears on your screen

3. Select a course from the “My Courses” section.

4. Select the “Send Email” tab. You can find this tab on the left side of the course.

5. Select the recipient you want to send the email attachment.

5. Enter a subject in the “Subject” section.

6. Compose the message in the “Message” section.

7. Then, select the “Attach a File” link.

8. Select the “Browse” button and find the file you want to email.

9. Click the “Open” button. The file is now attached.

10. Click the “Submit” button.

Blackboard Courses

Once you’ve signed in to Blackboard, you will see your courses and other contents on the left side of the dashboard. Your teacher or administrator can change the design to their test.

If you don’t see a course or you want to modify the courses that appear here, you can customize your view. Here’s how:

1. Click on Courses in the left navigation.

A list of your courses will appear in a drop-down menu including your assignment if there’s any given to you.

2. Select All Courses to view all your current, future, and past enrollments.

3. Select the title of the course that you would want to register for.

4. You can customize how your courses appear on your dashboard. This allows you to select different courses to appear on your Blackboard Learn page once you sign in.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard collaboration is a group where students actively work with each other and with a teacher in an active learning environment. Collaboration allows students to work together on a single document that is easily accessed from within the Blackboard site.

Course materials can be shared and edited in real-time by multiple students and teachers and saved to multiple devices.

If you’re invited to join a collaboration, you can access the collaboration from Blackboard.

To join Blackboard Collaborate you have to be invited. It is the invitation link or code that gives you access to the group learning environment.

With this feature, a teacher can assign many students to an assignment, and give students editing rights to allow them access to the same document. The teacher also can use Blackboard to communicate with groups of students, parents, or colleagues.

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