List of Masters Scholarships in UK without IELTS [Fully Funded]

List of Masters Scholarships in UK without IELTS [Fully Funded]

Scholarships without IELTS are those funding opportunities provided without the mandatory requirements for English test results called IELTS. This list of UK Masters Scholarships without IELTS have been compiled to help you study abroad preparation.

Studying in the United Kingdom as an international student can be cost effective if you are not in any way supported with some form of scholarships. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships in UK to support your study as an international student from any nationality.

In applying for scholarships to study in the UK, one basic requirement is usually the proof of English language proficiency (e.g IELTS). However, there can usually be waiver in some cases. The scholarships listed in this article are those which international masters students can apply for without IELTS.

List of Masters Scholarships in UK without IELTS 2023-2024

1# Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships happen to be one of the most popular and most competitive scholarships in UK. The scholarship covers full expenses to study in UK. For international students applying for a masters study in UK, they can apply for this scholarship without IELTS as long as they are able to proof that they can be instructed in English.

2#: The Lincoln Global Leaders Scholarships

The Global Leaders Scholarship is awarded to both undergraduate or postgraduate to study in UK. You can apply for this scholarship without IELTS if your last degree was taught in English.

3#: The Skoll Scholarship

The Skoll Scholarship for Oxford MBA provides full funding plus a living stipend for successful candidates to complete an MBA degree. You can apply for The Skoll Scholarship without IELTS

4#: Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships ranks amongst the most lucrative scholarship packages available for a fully funded study experience in UK. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships allows waiver for IELTS for students who can prove their proficiency in other ways.

5#: Gates Cambridge Scholarships

This scholarship program avails full funding opportunity for non-UK citizens across the globe to study in UK. Applying for Gates Cambridge Scholarship without IELTS will require that you show some other proof of English language proficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the list of masters scholarships in UK without IELTS is not exhaustive! You can explore the following also; University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarships, Think Big Scholarships, Mastercard Foundation Scholarships, King’s College London Africa Scholarships The Rhodes Scholarship, Reach Oxford Scholarship and more.

We also recommend that you check out the full list of scholarships in UK you can explore to study in the United Kingdom fully funded.

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